It’s time for Five Minute Friday…it’s been a while, but fasten your seatbelts and away we go!


My alarm chimes again I know I can’t delay it any longer.  I.must.get.up.

I stumble to the kitchen and, half asleep, begin to pack the lunches.  Another night of wakefullness and too much thought.  I slam sandwiches together and try to remember who wants mustard and who doesn’t and who hates carrots and who needs dip for her tomatoes.  Don’t put cheese in allergy girl’s lunch.  (You wouldn’t think that would be hard to remember since she was diagnosed at birth, but yeah…not a morning person….) The thoughts intrude….

This isn’t the life I thought I’d live.  I’m not sure exactly what I expected, but this isn’t quite it.  I think I thought it would be more glamorous.

But most days after everyone hurries out the door, to the world of professional people, to the high school, hopping on the shiny yellow school bus with rosy,cold cheeks, I wonder…..

Does anyone see me?  Does anyone notice that I am here?  Probably they would notice if I were gone.  I think.  But do they notice what I do.

It’s easy to get lost in a trap of self-pity in the season of growing a family, chaos and self-sacrifice.  I must renew my mind.  Because I don’t HAVE to do these things.

I GET to do these things.

AND.  And I have a Heavenly Father who reminds me that from the dawn of time, before the dawn actually, He had a plan in place for my life.  A plan for me.

Wrap your brain around that.

So my daughters may not notice that I put their favorite cookies in their lunches today.  Or maybe they do.  They for sure notice when I put something in there they don’t like.  Why does it work that way?  But I believe they always notice how much I love them.

And me?  No worries.  I don’t have to fear.  Yes, it’s easier to remember that at some times versus others.  But He sees.  He notices everything I do with my heart turned towards Him.

Everything I GET to do.

And He turns it all into good.


2 thoughts on “Notice…

  1. Lovely entry, although it saddens me because I’m currently in the boat where I feel unnoticed for the things I do for others throughout the day. I would love to embrace that I “get” to do these things, but cannot.

    Sadly I think it’s human nature to notice the things that are wrong, but take the things that are right for granted.

    Happy Friday to you…
    – Melissa


  2. What a beautiful testimony! I love the truth of what you said: “I don’t HAVE to do these things.
    I GET to do these things.” We don’t do so many of the things that we do in order to be noticed, we do them because they are a gift for us to be able to do 🙂


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