31 Day Challenge

31dayssquareaddressJesus girl.


What does that term mean to you?


Let me tell you, I’ve spent a long time wishing I was an honest to goodness Jesus girl. I had a pretty specific idea of what a Jesus girl looked like. Which is how I knew that I wasn’t one.


Jesus girls never miss their quiet time. They get up at 5:30 a.m. which as everyone knows is the only time one can effectively hear the Holy Spirit. They do not have trouble making their brains quiet to study nor do they doze off even at that ungodly early hour of the morning.


Jesus girls never find themselves cross with their children. Of course not. Because they have obedient children who are always the picture of sunshine and light. They do not feed them cheerios out of baggies in the backseat of the car on the way to church on Sunday morning either.


The husbands of Jesus girls always put their socks in the hamper and come home from work on time. They bring roses home once a week and they also cook dinner on the weekends.


Jesus girls love to pack delightful lunches for their children, they never burn their cookies, their manicures are perfect and they don’t have ten ponds to lose.


Their children never say the word “butt.” They always exercise. They never break a sweat. And they never, ever say an ugly word in the heat of the moment.



Shew. Those are pretty high standards. Do you know anyone who meets them? Yeah, me neither.


It’s taken me a shockingly long time to figure out that any girl who loves Jesus is a Jesus girl. Imperfectly perfect in His sight. Jesus paid my debt and covered my mess. Cross words, jeans that are bigger than I’d like, burned cookies, lost tempers and all.


Sweet sister, if we love Him we’re His girls and He’s got more than enough grace to go around as we sift through the rough spots in our lives. That’s the gift He brings with his presence.


Won’t you join me for daily for the month of October as I share my stream of consciousness thoughts on life as a Jesus girl, who I am, and what my Savior means to me?  Stay tuned to this page for easy access to my messy Jesus girl confessions.


Day 1:  Who Moved?

Day 2:  The View

Day 3:  A New Voice

Day 4:  Lesson Learned

Day 5:  I’m stuck…or am I?

Day 6:  He knows me

Day 7:  Just go.

Day 8:  Say

Day 9:  Will you join me?

Day 10:  Cast your cares

Day 11:  Teach me, O God!

Day 12:  Rest.  Just rest.

Day 13:  Work, in its proper place…

Day 14:  Running away

Day 15:  Doing life

Day 16:  I’ve got to adjust

Day 17: What my heart longs for…

Day 18: Taste and see..

Day 20:  Fear creeps in…

Day 21:  Second chances…

Day 31:  Leave

You can also find me linked with Kate’s Five Minute crew here and The Nester’s friends here.

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