So often I’ve seen opportunities for blog hops and shares and I knew I had words burgeoning within me.  Words that needed to be shared.  But alas, I didn’t have a blog.  How ever would I share?




So now there’s this.  And I’m terrified ready to give it a go.


This morning, Lisa-Jo Baker shared the following prompt for her “Five Minute Friday”:



This is my contribution.




Everyday I watch them bloom.  Little girls.  One now a young woman, really.  The other hot on her heels.


The day my first daughter was placed in my arms I knew a fear like nothing I’d ever known before.  And also love and joy inexpressible.  But oh, that fear.  And it really didn’t have much to do with her.  At least not directly.  No, it was much more about me.  Would I be good enough.  Would I care for her well enough.  Would I say the right things.  Would I ever learn to cook nourishing meals?  Could I walk worth of her?


Motherhood is scary for sure, but it wasn’t long before God put his hand right down on my head and impressed this message on me:  Do you trust me?  Because I see you.  And her.  And she who isn’t even here yet.  We’re in this together.  You are enough with me.


So trust became easier, because let’s face it, the trenches are hard.  But in my daughters, as I watch them grow and change, I can see His promises fleshed out in front of me.


….fearfully and wonderfully made….


…..treasured possession…..




And as they bloom, as they become just exactly who God planned for them to be from the beginning, there’s a new growth in me too.  As the carpool lines and class parties and late night text messages are deadheaded from my life, as I choose to see the beauty around me, the beauty in them rather than the things we need to work on or that cause me displeasure, He works in my heart just the same.


We three girls are blooming.  Right here.  Right now.


Blooming, bending, growing into everything He ever wanted us to be.


And that is more than enough.



2 thoughts on “Bloom

  1. Stopping by from the Five Minute Friday! What a beautiful first FMF post. My oldest daughter is married now, and my youngest 14. It’s been such a joy to watch them grow and bloom into God’s daughters. Have a blessed and beautiful weekend!


  2. Hello FMF neighbor!
    I remember being terrified about motherhood. I recall sitting with my hand barely resting on a sleeping baby’s back just to check that she was still breathing. The fear that I could never possibly know enough information to raise a competent, intelligent adult! That somehow my own insecurities as a woman would translate into a daughter who didn’t respect herself.
    Mine are 17 and 18 now. Practically ready to come out of the oven, so to speak, lol. These days I think that we are given that fear on purpose. It’s sort of like fertilizer; forcing us to be better for them, so that we may better help them bloom 🙂
    Beautiful post!


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