In the spirit of Five Minute Friday, here are today’s raw and unedited thoughts….




Endings come.  There is a season for all things.  And we must have the courage to look beyond the discomfort of the ending, of the letting go, of the moving on.  Because what if we stayed in the comfortable non-ending and cashed out on the beginning that looms ahead.

To begin can be uncertain.  To begin can be uncomfortable.  When you begin, well, you just don’t know how things will end. 

But in the ending and the beginning and the becoming, God is at work.  And it seems like He does some great work in beginnings, doesn’t He?  There were a lot of beginnings that He called good.  And when we submit our desires and our thoughts to Him, when we allow him to move, when we begin to live dangerously for Him, He calls our beginnings good too.  And He promises us streams in the wilderness and pathways through the deserts. 

He’s with us in the beginnings.  Calling us.  Encouraging us.  But it’s up to us to take the leap of faith and GO.  We can’t begin if we never start.  Nope.  Doesn’t work that way. 

Beginnings are hard.  And exciting.  And totally scary.  And cumbersome.  And refreshing.  They are a part of our journey.  They give us definition and they take strength.

Now is the hour.  Be bold.

Begin again.  Whatever it is that needs beginning in your life.

Begin again.  And live.

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