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And without further ado, my thoughts on:






It’s been a long week for many reasons.  So much pain.  So much hurt.  We look around us and we wonder what is wrong with this world.


And then we remember.  It’s fallen.  


Our confidence was never meant to be in this world.  And yet we live here.  We love here.  We breathe here.  


But we also live and move and have our being in Almighty God.  But in the middle of the hurt, in the everydayness of our lives, in the small things, we often forget.  



We forget what He tells us:  

“The Lord is near to all who call on him, to all who call on Him in truth.”  Psalm 145:18


“Fear not, for I have redeemed you.  I have summoned you by name.  You are mine.”  Isaiah 43:1


You are mine.  You. are. mine.  That’s what he tells us.  We are his.  Always.  And His eyes never depart from us.  He is always watching.  Even when it doesn’t feel like it.  He tells us of His love.  He tells us of His grace.


But so often we choose to look at Him not with eyes of faith but with eyes of the world.  We choose not to listen to what He says.  And our feelings loom large.  And goodness knows we hurt.  And bear anger and animosity.  We see what is right infront of us but not what is beyond.  And trusting is hard as long as we trust in what we can see.  


Let’s face it.  We can’t see much and we can’t see right.  It’s rarely totally correct.


But listen.  Listen to what He tells you.


You. are. mine.


And goodness knows that’s exactly enough.

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