I look in the mirror and am very critical of what I see.  I don’t think I measure up.  And even as I inspect, as I notices new lines around my eyes and a few more freckles, I know I’m hard on myself.

As women, as mothers, we are trying to find ourselves in the midst of a culture that constantly heaps expectations on our shoulders.  Telling us all we can have.  And do.  And what our lives should look like.  Even Jesus girls.  Especially Jesus girls, perhaps.

Double standards.  Unrealistic expectations.  Airbrushed images to which we aspire.

I don’t feel like I measure up.  But that’s when I most need to hear that still small voice.

My dear one….you are the apple of my eye.  You are MY treasured possession.  You are an heir to MY kingdom.

And why am I those things?  Because He said so.

Even when I’m not feeling them.  I am beautiful and precious.  Treasured.

Because He said so.

How often, if I choose to admit it, have I used “because I said so” as a frustrated argument ender between myself and my daughters?  Often enough, I’d say.

And in much the same way, this is Abba’s argument ender with me.

You are what I’ve said you are simply because I said it, He tells me.

Sweet relief.  No pretense with Abba.  Only follow.  No ten step process to perfection with Him.  Only receive.  No other path than grace and sweet, sweet mercy.

Because He said so.

Step away from the mirror, sweet sister.  Lay down your lists of comparisons.  You are so much more than you can even imagine.  Why?  Because He said so.



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3 thoughts on “Because…

  1. “Because He said so”…right on! I am so very critical of myself too, so your post made every freckle stand a few millimeters taller. Yet, you are so very right – the more we allow His Truth to speak to our hearts, to transform our minds and change our lives…well, the more grace we give ourselves and others. I love this post! You inspired me today! Thank you!


  2. Love this post! I have three daughters myself…still very, very young, but I imagine the days when I will use those words with them. Thank you for your inspiration!
    Visiting from Kate Motaung’s FMF


  3. Thank you for the encouraging kind words this morning! I know all too well about being critical of myself but you’re right we are so much more than that in the eyes of Christ!


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