Day 3: A New Voice


Confession time again.

That voice in my head is very unkind.  You know the one I mean.  I know you do.  You have it too, I’ll bet.

It’s that voice makes big lists of my shortfalls and categorizes my sins.  And while we’re at it, might as well see how my mess stacks up with what I perceive your list looks like.

It tells me I’m not good enough.  Or smart enough.  Not talented enough.  I don’t wear the right size.  Or keep my house properly.  My children aren’t well behaved enough and that is a reflection on the sort of mother I am.  It tells me I don’t pray enough or study enough.  I don’t balance things in my life enough.

Do you see a theme here?  Never.enough.

Funny thing.  It seems that I’m always looking at my own blooper reel while looking at my sister’s highlight clips.  Her best days as opposed to my worst.  As if there’s a competition.  And if I allow it, that ugly voice will dominate my days and control my life. It tells me all the ways I do not measure up, as if this is the gospel truth.

But here’s the thing.  I measure up not because of anything I do.  Ha.  More like in spite of what I do.  Because I mess up a lot.  Like 100 times before lunch.  No, it’s not on my power. I’m enough because of Jesus’s redeeming work on the cross.  There’s no competition.  Only the filter of grace.


He sings a song of love to me daily, calling out to remind me of who I am in Him.

The hearing is up to me.

Listen to the new voice.  There is peace.

This post is written in conjunction with the #Write31days Challenge and linked up with Kate Motaung’s Five Minute Friday crew here and Nester Smith’s friends here.

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