Day 9: Will you join me?

31dayssquareaddressI made the mistake of Googling last night.  Dumb.  I don’t usually do that.

A long time ago, right after my first daughter was born, I realized that most of life was too harsh for me.  I stopped watching the news because it just hurt too much.  It took me to a dark place.  My sweet husband keeps me connected, news junkie that he is.  But I spare myself from the most mainstream of news because it just doesn’t bring life to my soul.

Between Google and my Facebook feed these last days, the absolutely brokenness of this world has made itself starkly real.

Ebola.  Assisted suicide.  ISIS. Stolen girls.  Hiker mauled.  Cancer.  Destruction.  Death.  Disbelief.  Uncertainty.  Destruction.

And in light of that, I can think of no response other than to pray.

Will you join me?

Father God,

As I look around this amazing earth You’ve gifted to us, I’m at once in awe of Your greatness and grieved by our sin.  It’s so clear that what I see is not what You imagined for your children at the dawn of time.  Yet our choices have caused us to arrive here.

I can only imagine how the mess we’re in grieves You.  And yet Your love is unchanging.  You are bigger than our biggest enemy.  You are stronger than the fiercest foe.  You have promised us a hope and a future.

And thank goodness, because my heart breaks for what I see.  And even though I know that You haven’t given us a spirit of fear, I still tremble in my boots at times.

This world is a scary place.  But it’s not my home.

Praise be to You!

As a sisterhood of Jesus girls, break our heart for hurting people.  Show us exactly what You’d like us to do and remind us that You’ve empowered us to get busy and do exactly what which You’ve called us to.  We doubt, Father God.  We second guess.  We question our effectiveness.

But what if we were bold?  What if we took Your Word at a gut honest level?  What if we stepped out in faith, knowing that we’re on the edge but just as confident that even if we fall, we’ll land safely in Your arms.  And if we don’t fall?  If we succeed?  Oh the work You can do in that!

Lord Jesus, we offer ourselves to You, to this broken world.  We desire to love Your dear ones to the throne of grace.

Even so Lord Jesus, quickly come, and night shall be no more…..

In your precious and holy name–



This post is written in conjunction with the #Write31days Challenge and linked up with Kate Motaung’s Five Minute Friday crew here and Nester Smith’s friends here.

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