Day 20: Fear creeps in….

31dayssquareaddressIn certain seasons of our lives, it’s very easy for fear to creep in.  Sometimes it’s full on, hard-core, what*am*I*going*to*do panic that comes with a diagnosis or the revelation of a huge issue in a marriage or a letter from the school.

But I think a lot of times, when we step out in faith, even baby steps, when we try new things….and the enemy looks around and sees those acts of faith, he starts messing with us.  Because that’s all he’s got.  The messing with our lives.  His playbook is small and he just fires away over and over again.


It’s that fear of putting yourself out there at your job or with a new friend.  Why?  Because you’re quite certain that when they know the “real you”, when they discover your flaws and your mess, well, they’re going to be pretty turned off.

It’s the fear of trying new things.  Why?  Because nothing ever works out for you anyway.  What’s the point…..

It’s the fear of bad things happening.  Why?  Because, well, sometimes they do happen.

Fear can be subtle.  We don’t always recognize it for what it is.  In fact, most of us would probably say we’re not fearful at all.  That’s how the enemy rolls, isn’t it?  Messing, always.

But the Word is clear.  “Be strong and very courageous.” (Joshua 1:7)  God reminded the Israelites of this frequently.  Not that they listened.  But still.  He told them over and over again that He was not only WITH them, but he was FOR them.  And the same is true for us.  He is FOR us.

So how do become strong and courageous?  Because let me tell you, I’ve been feeling like a limp dishrag this week.  Kind of lost sight of things for a few days.  So how do we become strong and courageous?  Well, that portion of Joshua tells us exactly how to get ourselves together….  “Be careful to obey all the law my servant Moses gave you; do not turn from it to the right or to the left, that you may be successful wherever you go.” 

Our strength is in truth.  It’s in not just the hearing of the Word but also in the application.  The more we meditate on His precepts, the more room we give the Holy Spirit to move in our lives.  And when we do that, suddenly we remember that His ways in our lives won’t look like we imagined, but it’s good.  And those who come into our lives have their own mess just as we do, and that’s okay.  And there will be hard times and bad times and wonderful times and okay times that will compose our lives into a beautiful symphony of God-breathed love, refinement and redemption.

Fear will creep in at times, but truth sets it straight.  Truth is our freedom.

Be free.


This post is written in conjunction with the #Write31days Challenge and linked up with Kate Motaung’s Five Minute Friday crew here and Nester Smith’s friends here.

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